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The next-generation automatic liquidity protocol, static farming token and blockchain lottery platform!

Don't forget to use above 8.0% slippage when buying. If you'd like to learn why, make sure to read our tokenomics section.

Address: 0x95AAC643E2760267cbE4c52b2BAc5505B9049a1E

Buy guide How can you acquire SAFEROCKET?

You’re just a few steps away from owning SafeRocket — the first token that will take you deep into space exploration! Before proceeding, please note the official token contract address: 0x95AAC643E2760267cbE4c52b2BAc5505B9049a1E

Make sure to save it, bookmark it or just in general be very careful when copying & pasting contract addresses and watch our for scammers!

The easiest way to purchase SAFEROCKET tokens is to use the direct link to buy on PancakeSwap.

Or visit PancakeSwap exchange manually and paste in the token contract address: 0x95AAC643E2760267cbE4c52b2BAc5505B9049a1E

Your window should look as following:

Swap interface ready to buy with token contract input.

Next, click the “parameters” button at the top of the interface, marked here:

Click on the settings menu to apply custom slippage tolerance.

In the slippage tolerance parameter field, make sure to set slippage to at least 8.0 %!

Set the slippage tolerance to at least 8.0 % to make sure your transaction confirms.

Close the settings modal and continue by inputting the amount of SafeRocket tokens you would like to buy, for example:

Example input with amount of token to buy (please note these values will not be the same).

Click on “Swap” and confirm your transaction — once it is complete, you are now a proud owner of SafeRocket, the next-generation automatic liquidity protocol, static farming token and blockchain lottery system!

You can now view the balance of your SAFEROCKET in the wallet with which you’ve purchased the tokens and can watch your balance grow indefinitely!

Welcome aboard SafeRocket, cosmonauts! Strap in for the ride into the unknown and happy to have you with us on this unforgettable journey!

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