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The next-generation automatic liquidity protocol, static farming token and blockchain lottery platform!

Don't forget to use above 8.0% slippage when buying. If you'd like to learn why, make sure to read our tokenomics section.

Strap in for the long-term voyage into the universe

SafeRocket rewards those who hold tokens with static rewards and automatic liquidity

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Economic model to ensure perpetual token value

A transaction tax of 7.5 % which encompasses a unique combination of automatic liquidity generation, static rewards and blockchain lottery with large payouts provides the solid hull of the spaceship that will take us all into cosmic discovery.

Community-first approach

The SafeRocket protocol starts with a fair launch and massive airdrop distribution to over 250,000 recipients. Initial liquidity is locked for a one-year period and 45 % of the supply is immediately removed from supply to act as a "black hole" that continuously burns tokens.

Automatic liquidity protocol

Every transfer & trade contributes towards a pool of automatically generated liquidity for decentralized exchanges. 95 % of this liquidity is permanently locked, while the rest will be used to fund exchange listings and act as a source of revenue for the project.

Static farming rewards

Forget about yield-farming and staking - SafeRocket makes it as easy as possible to earn as a token holder. Everything you need to do is hold tokens in your wallet and watch it grow indefinitely thanks to a mechanism called static reflection.

Blockchain lottery system

Taking your experience one step further is our unique lottery system, which functions completely on smart contracts. A third of the total fee is used to contribute BNB rewards into the prize pool. Pick your lucky numbers and try to win the jackpot!

SafeRocket improves upon the weaknesses of similar projects by removing malicious code, remediating all existing issues and providing a new use-case.


CEO & Solidity Engineer

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Cosmic exploration will bring many milestones for all travelers

After a successful launch and once the airdrop distribution is complete, all necessary listings at CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap and similar websites will be carried out. We will start with aggresive marketing and influencer campaigns. The initial period focuses on assembling a community to bring with us on our space journey.

Q2 2021 Contract security is the number one priority for our project. A security audit from a reputable company will testify to this claim.

Q2 2021 Exchange listings will be the main focus as our first galatic step. Trading venues will be established to onboard new passengers.

Q3 2021 NFT Artwork will be created by talented artists as a tool of communication with new species on an autonomous marketplace.

Q4 2021+ Extraterrestrial contact will be established once we leave our galaxy and enter foreign blockchains to establish integrations.

Assembling the crew for the upcoming galaxy mission one step at a time

Slowly but surely the spaceship's quarters are filling up and the foundations are becoming stronger. As holders grow, the more tokens are burned and a bigger amount of liquidity is locked forever.

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Meet our flight deck

Meet the astronauts and crew that will make sure our space flight is performed with the best possible standards. We are experienced individuals with a big appetite for exploration and innovation. Since the project operates completely autonomously, we deem it acceptable to present ourselves using pseudonyms.

  • Thomas

    CEO & Solidity Engineer

    Thomas is the main engineer and visionary behind the project. He has several years of experience in blockchain programming as well as project management. Likes to be addressed as "Captain Thomas".

  • Peter

    Frontend Developer

    Peter makes sure that all necessary systems and devices work as intended with remarkable elegance. He has profound skills in full-stack development and standalone applications.

  • Elizabeth

    Social Media Manager

    Elizabeth manages the ship's intranet and organizes space exploration events to boost the passengers' morale. She is excellent in her field with countless marketing campaigns organized behind her.

  • Samuel

    Content Writer

    Samuel might not be often seen outside of his quarters, but there's a good reason behind that - he's busy writing up ship journals and status updates that the entire community reads on a daily basis.

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